Creative repair



Keen on creating, personalizing and customizing?

Looking for a simple repair method which is guaranteed to work?

 Then you will LOVE Custom’it as a way of repairing or customizing

your clothes and accessories.

Our history goes back a long way, over 120 years ago to be exact. We are a family-owned French industrial company operating in the textiles accessory market. Always responsive to the needs of our clients, we have been developing our expertise in heat-sealing accessories over the last twenty years or more.


 Now we are ready to share the secret with you !


Custom’it represents the combination of our industrial expertise with our knowledge of textiles and creative leisure activities. In practice, our CUSTOM’IT brand combines the technical features and practicality of heat-treated fabrics, whilst offering a range of modern and stylish products.


Our Custom’it brand has been conceived for anyone who is looking for simple, practical and stylish products for the fast repair, customization and individualization of a creation, a garment or an accessory.

You have almost certainly had occasion to repair a hole in a pair of jeans, conceal a stain on a shirt or camouflage a tear in a T-shirt. Or you may have just wanted to decorate and customize your youngest child’s school bag, your teenage daughter’s pullover or your own skirt.

Our solution involves no sewing, takes just a few minutes, and can be used by anyone.

All you need is one tool: your iron!

However, the success of a creative repair naturally involves the observation of basic rules, in the form of compliance with application methods. We can support you at every stage, and can provide you will all the hints and tips at our disposal. We can also assist you in the creative process, by sharing even more secrets, style trends and sources of inspiration …